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Wakanow Comes to East Africa

We all crave to get away, travel the world, go on an adventure, learn from different cultures, or basically just go on holiday and get away from it all. However we often have to save up for months on end; sometimes family or health emergencies hinder us when it comes to fulfilling our obligated annual holiday at the end of the year.

If I had a penny every time I found myself in that situation, year in year out; I would definitely be rich. Rich enough to travel all over the world without a care in the world. But reality doesn’t allow us to live our lives carefree, while exploring what this world has to offer. Although, what if you had an opportunity to pay up for your holiday in installments; be able to enjoy the one holiday you’ve been craving to go to for so long? Wouldn’t you think about taking that chance and finally saving up for that dream getaway?

When Wakanow launched in East Africa on the third of July at Dusit Nairobi, I was eager to find out what was in store especially for the Kenyan market. Founded in 2008 as Nigeria’s first Online Travel Agency, Wakanow has gained both popularity in West and Central Africa. With their Pay Small Small travel installment payment scheme, Wakanow gives you the opportunity to pay for your holiday six months in advance prior to traveling. With a heavy presence in nine African countries already, as well as in Dubai, US and UK, Wakanow decided to launch the Kenya office, which will oversee its regional operation across East Africa.

The exclusive launch at Dusit, which was well attended by key regional travel trade stakeholders including airlines, hotels, travel agents, witnessed a new approach in the travel industry, whereby a strong partnership was forged in order to grow the industry together.

Having a strong background in sports, the former NBA player and founder of Wakanow, Mr Obinna Ekezie, emphasized on the importance of Africans coming together and growing the travel industry in Africa. We have beautiful attractions and sights in need of being explored, but sometimes we are unable to travel, because of various issues including financial woes, that is quite common in most African countries!

Wakanow Founder, Obinna Ekezie

Despite this being an election year, Kenya is still a force to reckon with in the tourism industry, with the strong partnership Wakanow has had with Kenya over the years, it is vital to grow the East African market together. With their new launch in East Africa, I look forward to the offers they will have in store for us, over the next couple of months.

For more information on Wakanow, feel free to visit their website and browse through the amazing packages they have to offer.

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