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10 Affordable Ways to Add More Warmth to Your Home

When it comes to interior design, most people tend to assume that one can’t do much with small living areas, and end up missing out on all the potential ways in which they can showcase their creativity in the very confines of their living rooms! The world we live in is already hectic as it is, and it’s safe to say you can’t control the outside world, but you can create a world on the inside of your home that is good to you! So why not play around with the walls in your house, splash them with some color, add accessories and paintings, and create a world that you will always want to look forward to every time you leave your house!

1. Add color to plain walls- There’s something about white walls, which have a way of making me feel like I’m in a mental institution. Many home owners prefer white walls, and as a tenant, you might get comfortable and prefer leaving the house the way it is. But you don’t necessarily have to go all out and paint the whole house; pick a wall that will be able to bounce natural light on the other walls and have fun with it!


2. Add Spicy Colors- If painting walls is not an option for you, then you can fill them up with images of things you love; create a collage of photos or paintings, frame sentimental letters that you hold dear or give your house a coastal feel by adding some shells or rocks on your walls. I love playing around with leftover fabric, since you can always frame them and break the monotony of white walls by hanging them!

Orange wall-2

3. Candles and Lighting- Candles have a way of bringing mood and character to a space, especially the thick wax candles that add a nice glow to your room. Although if you’re as paranoid as I am and wouldn’t want the risk of starting a fire in your own home, how about sticking to long lampshades on empty corners of the living room and let them add some more warmth into your home as well. Studio lights automatically create a warm and cozy feeling when you add them along corridors and around the bathroom area in your house.



4. Accessorize Your House- If a room is empty, it’s going to feel cold and unwelcoming, but you can spruce it up by adding a table on the corner of your house, by filling it up with cherished mementos from trips or have a small collection of things that you cherish.


5. Plant it up- Plants have a way of instantly transforming your house; not only are they good for your house, but plants are also beneficial to your health (something about carbon dioxide and things, let me not bore you with the details)

6. Play around with rugs- I love playing around with rugs; an area rug instantly transforms a room. Spice it up by contrasting your furniture with a nice rug, in warm colors such as red, burgundy and gold to make your house feel snuggly!

7. Pillows- A room isn’t done without pillows. Choose pillows in warm colors made of a soft down mix, to add more comfort to your furniture; big pillows piled on a corner besides the wall make for a great relaxing atmosphere.


8. No more Peeping Toms- Drapes have a way of warming up a space; floor-to-ceiling drapes give an illusion of long windows if your windows are small. Choose fabric in warm colors to soften the room and add more glamour to it! Or have fun with sheers and let them revamp your windows.


9. Transform an old chair- Go the extra mile by transforming an old chair and placing it with a luxurious throw. You can also transform it by reupholstering it if possible and contrast it with the rest of your furniture!

10. Mirror Mirror on the wall- Mirrors create an illusion of space when you place them on your staircase or corridor. They instantly add more glamour to your walls, by reflecting light to specific areas around your house, not to mention they constantly remind you that you are the fairest of all!


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