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10 Benefits of Baobab Powder

“When you use this mixture and apply it ten times a day, you’re face is bound to be smooth.” Cleanse your face, while facing east, take 5 steps backwards while fasting and praying, then wash it off”. We’ve heard them all, tried them all, we end up frustrated or lack patience to see it through; however, of all the remedies I have ever tried, Baobab Powder has truly been one of the most effective remedies I ever came across about a year ago and here’s why.

Found in most tropical areas in Africa such as Madagascar, Australia, some parts of South Asia and of course not forgetting my hometown of Mombasa, the Baobab tree which has been used by most Africans for centuries, due to its enormous health benefits is fast becoming one of the most popular super foods around the globe; and here are a few reasons why you should include it in your every day diet


An Amazing Energy Boost-  Jam packed with B Vitamins, Baobab powder promotes the conversion of food into instant energy without affecting your glucose levels. Since it is rich in various nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and iron, baobab powder helps increase your energy levels through out the day, safer and better than any energy drink out there!

Strengthens Bones– With age comes creaking bones, and various bone related issues, hence why Baobab powder is the perfect supplement to add to your diet,  since it is rich in various minerals, including calcium and magnesium which are very important minerals for bone health. If you suffer from bone related complications, adding baobab powder as a supplement to your diet, can really help you strengthen your bones.

Keeps Your Pressure In Check– Baobab powder is rich in potassium, which helps relieve any strains caused in your cardiovascular system by dilating the blood vessels and arteries, therefore stimulating blood flow while maintaining your heart to function properly.

Helps With Weight Loss and Curbing Your Appetite– Baobab is extremely rich in Vitamin C: since I don’t want to bore you with the scientific terms of it, let’s just say, it has more vitamin C than 6 oranges combined. The reason why baobab powder is beneficial for weight loss, is due to the fact that Vitamin C enhances the process of burning fat during workouts, by transforming fat into fuel instead of storing it as body fat. Since around 50% of baobab powder mainly consists of fiber, it can help curb your appetite as well.

Preventative Treatment for Your Heart and Varicose Veins- Vitamin C rich foods such as baobab powder, help in the manufacturing of collagen and elastin: connective tissues that are essential for keeping your veins toned and strong, which helps in boosting circulation within the body, by reducing potential cardiovascular related health problems.

Helps With Constipation– Baobab is an extremely good source of fiber, including both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps optimize the digestive process and decrease inflammation in the gut; in turn this helps pave the way( if you know what I mean). The fruit also has various prebiotic properties which are good for your system, in that it helps with digestion and increasing healthy bacterial levels in your guts.


Boosts Your Immune System– We all run to take Vitamin C supplements whenever we suffer from colds, or the flu; since we already established Baobab is extremely rich in Vitamin C, which plays a very important role in boosting your immune system by giving protection to your whole body; a daily dose of this super-fruit not only keeps the flu away, but helps prevent inflammations and infections as well!

Reduces Fever- For hundreds of years, locals residing in the Coastal regions have been using baobab powder or oils to naturally reduce high fevers that come with malaria. Researchers have found that baobab powder has various components which help lower elevated body temperatures when one has a fever, the same way Asprin and other medications do.

Keeps Your Sugar Levels in Check– Again, the Vitamin C found in Baobab helps with decreasing blood glucose levels and lipids which are responsible for the development of diabetes. Baobab is a very good antioxidant which helps in shielding your liver as some of its extracts have been proven to help with detoxifying your liver.

Amazing For Your Skin– My reason for faithfully drinking baobab powder is because of this. In addition to being a natural source of Vitamin C, the baobab fruit has been proven to possess strong antioxidant properties, which helps your body form collagen and elastin, to give your skin much support and elasticity! It leaves your skin feeling fresh, tight, with a lovely glow to top it off!

You might be reading this and wondering to yourself, if Baobab is really all that. Well, it’s good to note that I’m not a professional doctor, and it is always best to consult your doctor before making any important changes to your diet. Baobab powder won’t miraculously make you feel better and younger over night. Being high in minerals,  it is always best to take it in moderation and know what you may be allergic to or not.


The good thing about Baobab powder, is that you can throw a spoonful of it on your smoothies, sprinkle it on your cereals in the morning, or take it the way I do, first thing in the morning, by mixing a teaspoon with hot water and natural honey and drinking it on an empty stomach.

Have you tried including baobab powder in your diet? What has been your experience with it? Would you recommend it? I would like to hear your experiences concerning this super-fruit which truly lives up to its hype on the comments section below!

PS: I have included my facial routine below, which has really helped me fight off acne that I have suffered from, due to hormonal imbalance. With patience and consistency, the results have been more than amazing for me!


My Buyu Powder Facial Routine

Mix a spoonful of baobab powder with honey,

and natural yogurt, into a paste; then apply it

on your face as a mask, and let it set for 15 minutes

rinse it off and apply your daily moisturizer. 





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