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10 Kenyan Beauties Rocking Their TWAs

“When a woman cuts her hair, she’s ready to change her life”- Coco Chanel. No truer words have ever been spoken. Most women tend to express themselves through their hair; even India Arie made a whole song about not being her hair, but the skin within; well hair is a huge part of a woman’s life. Be it short, long, natural or permed, most women place so much value on their hair.

We’ve seen so many jokes online regarding women, from men especially; the most hilarious tweet I saw recently mentioned something about; once a woman cuts her hair after a breakup, you’re never getting her back! To some extent it’s true; whenever I’m going through something or making changes in my life, I take it out on my hair ever since I could remember.

When my dad died, I went from locing my hair, dyeing it fiery red, to cutting it. When I relocated to Mombasa, I made the big chop and started on my natural hair journey.


Finally early this year, I went through something which made me realize cutting my hair symbolized a way of me letting go of things, me making changes in my life, me feeling like I have a second chance to make things right again.


Hair is one way for us to express ourselves from time immemorial; it was a way to draw out maps during slavery, it was also a way to rebel against what society expected you to look like.


Whether cutting your hair was something you did out of convenience or a life changing experience, the short hair style requires a whole lot of confidence to rock it. I’m here to celebrate 10 beautiful Kenyan women rocking their tiny weeny afros (TWA) while doing it so elegantly.

Shirley Bee- Founder of Awali Naturals Natural Hair and Skin care products, I was surprised when she decided to chop off her beautiful mane recently; although she looks extremely beautiful with her new hairdo!

ShirleyImage courtesy

Lyra Aoko- Not only does she take amazing photos (check out her blog but she has been rocking the short hair,look for a long while now, and I personally love how she plays around with her hair by rocking bold colors once in a while.

LyraImage Courtesy

Gathoni- Or better known as Queen Gathoni on Twitter, not only does she like stirring up fires online, but she really looks so damn good doing it with her haircut!


Image Courtesy

Kelly Gatwiri- She shares her insight on finance and trains many (including me) virtually in everything finance and how to budget on your personal and business finances through her insightful blog Rookie-Manager  . Her haircut gives me life in so many ways as well!


Images Courtesy

Patricia Kihoro- The amazing singer, radio personality and actress has been rocking her hair short, sometimes long; but regardless of how she wears it, she always looks beautiful in short hair. She recently did the big chop again; you can read more about it on her blog Patricia Kihoro


Jill Kui- I used to go through her Twitter profile (Jill Kui) whenever she would post photos of her curly fro online, her curls are always popping and she makes the TWA look so bubbly and fun to rock.

Jill 2

Image Courtesy

Elizabeth Marami- Being the first female marine pilot in Kenya is not an easy task, but she did THAT! She’s also slays us with her fashion style on her blog amorke while rocking her TWA with so much grace.

Liz Marami

Image Courtesy

Veon- She’s a beautiful poet, writer and everything in between. I still recall how shocked I was, when she told me she wanted to cut her hair just a few days after I had chopped mine off, since she had gorgeous hair;but once I saw how good she looked with her new bald look, I realized this beauty can walk around with a sackcloth and still look so good wearing it. Find out more about why she decided to go bald on her blog Going Bald.


Image Courtesy

Hadassah Wandera- Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya, she has been instrumental to so many women, myself included by giving us a platform to share with other fellow endo warriors, our experiences and trials.I love how she boldly wears her afro in various colours.


Images Courtesy

Joy Kendi- From Fashion, beauty, travel and all that good stuff, I’ve loved how Joy has always rocked the short hair look all through while switching it up with various colors.

Joy Kendi

Image Courtesy

There are so many women I haven’t mentioned who serve serious face with their short natural hair look; keep rocking it, keep playing around with it and keep wearing it proud! Short hair looks just as beautiful as long hair.



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Marion is a creative writer, fashion and interior designer, photographer, poet, natural hair stylist and traveler. This is a lifestyle blog, exploring, the good, the better and the best things that everyday life has to offer in this Coastal side of life, hoping to create a nicer world through beautiful designs and fresh ideas!

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