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10 Nightspots Worth Exploring in Mombasa

One of my favorite songs: Hotel California by the Eagles summarizes Mombasa’s nightlife in a nutshell for me: “You can check-out anytime you like, but you can never leave!” The warm, salty smell in the air, the cool wind, and chilled out life, makes the nightlife in Mombasa quite addictive. Be it a quiet starry night by the beach with jazz music playing in the background, or a night out with friends, we all like to let loose and party once in a while. You can never run out of choices when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in Mombasa, but here are a few of my favorite and not so favorite picks when it comes to partying in Mombasa:

1.The Jazz Restaurant- Situated at The English Point Marina lays one of my favorite places to unwind, relax, watch the sunset, the breathtaking view of the ocean, soft relaxing jazz music playing in the background, while enjoying my meal. There’s something about the ambience and décor that makes this place one of my favorite places to enjoy the lovely view of the creek and Old Town, while enjoying the atmosphere that Mombasa has to offer.

2.Yuls Aquadrom- Located along the Mombasa Malindi highway, Yuls is undeniably popular for their amazing ice cream delights and sea-food delicacies. I have never been keen on the disco area to be quite honest, until a friend convinced me to tag along with her one Saturday; the music is quite good, and it’s one of the few places left that has a dance floor, where you can actually dance without having to knock on chairs or people!

3.Kahamas- The one thing I love about Kahamas is the sporty ambience about the place; with television screens all over, it’s definitely a favorite among many when it comes to watching Football or Formula one. One important reason though why most people love going to Kahamas on Sundays, has got to be Mombasa Roots Band; known for their amazing rendition of hit songs, they always entertain party goers with their soulful voices and dance moves!

4.The Lounge- Situated on the ground floor at City Mall, The Lounge tends to be one of the favorite spots for many party goers in Mombasa. Not really an ideal place, if you want to dance the night away, but definitely one of my favorite places to chill, while enjoying the music and atmosphere.

5. Anuba Lounge- Located at Naivas Centre in Nyali, this new lounge is popular with many rave goers as it has quite a lot of sitting space to choose from. It’s well air conditioned for those hot Mombasa nights, the music and crowd tend to be quite mature, making it one of my favorite clubs to go to on a Friday night.

6.Zenix Lounge- The first time I heard that name, I thought it was an antibiotic, I’m glad we got to stick with Z lounge now! Situated at the rooftop of the Avenue Building just behind Nakumatt Nyali, Z lounge is definitely worth checking out! Their service is impeccable, their décor and ambience is quite cozy and relaxing and the breeze here is quite refreshing.

7. Moonshine Beach Bar- With an amazing view of the Indian Ocean, I love the ambience this beach bar has to offer; plus it allows you to actually have a conversation with someone without shouting like you’re working in a construction site! The serenity of this place makes it one of my favorite bars in Nyali to unwind to on a Thursday or Friday evening.

8.Tapas Lounge- Located on the first floor of Naivas Centre along Links Road, Tapas Cielo is one of the few clubs in Mombasa, that actually plays really nice music; their food is quite amazing, the lighting is just right, but the one thing that tends to make me shy away from this place, is the fact that the AC is on way too high, making it quite uncomfortable to enjoy yourself if you suffer from sinuses!

9.Club Hypnotica- Still located on the first floor of Naivas Centre, Club Hypnotica is one of the new clubs along Nyali area, which reminds you of the nightlife scene in Nairobi! Their music selection will have you dancing all night; the place has a nice energetic feel about it, with a vibrant crowd as well. The only downfall about it, is the place tends to get quite stuffy, the service is not very prompt, but despite all that, it’s actually one of my favorite clubs in Mombasa!

10.Bobs Bar and Restaurant- There’s like an unwritten rule for all Nairobians who come to Mombasa, which says; you can’t leave without colonizing the place! Bobs is one of those sports bars in Mombasa that has stood the test of time all these years. There’s something about Bobs that still makes it one of the most popular places to party in Mombasa; hence why you will always find it still full at 9am on Sunday mornings!

Whether you love gyrating on seats while struggling to dance among chairs and crowds, or you prefer a disco that will actually have you busting some moves on the dance floor, there’s always something to float your boat when it comes to the nightlife in Mombasa!

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