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A Cottage With A View

I could hear their whispers as the wind blew their voices toward me. But I still stood there caught in a trance, mesmerized by the majestic view in front of me. “What is she doing there? Should we be worried?”; probably those were the questions going on in their heads when they counted the minutes, I stood, wanting to move, but not able to lift my feet. The moment when I was hypnotized by the view in front of me; that was the moment when I truly found myself.


Have you ever had a craving to pack your bag and go away on holiday, somewhere far, somewhere you’ve never thought of exploring or probably somewhere out of your comfort zone? We’ve probably felt that way a couple of times, but then our little bouts of anxiety makes us retreat back to our safe space, making us to stick to destinations we are familiar with; probably some place with a beach, easy to access, and a few familiar faces we can relate to. But what if you put your anxieties aside and decided to live a little; travel and explore places out of the norm as it were; discover the hidden gems tucked away in this beautiful country that we call home?


A few weeks back, I happened to stumble upon this precious gem, tucked away near Kerio Valley while on a trip to Iten organized by TurnUp Travel. In my head, I’ve always known Iten as the home of champions; I had never had the chance to explore the scenic attractions, in which this beautiful town located some kilometers away from Eldoret has to offer. When I heard about how magnificent the sunrise is at Kerio View, I knew I had to spend some alone time at this beautiful place.


Have you ever been drawn to a place from the very moment you walk in? That’s exactly how I felt when I walked in to Kerio View on my last day in Iten. Sprawled with lush green gardens and a marvelous view of Kerio Valley, I could sense why their tagline was , a place to relax!


There’s something about being one with nature, and blending in with nature as well; which Kerio View managed to do effortlessly with the wooden, rustic decor at both the restaurant and bar.



With an inviting cozy fireplace to warm you up, during the cold nights, Kerio View has a way of making you feel like you’re snuggled up at home; which makes it quite hard to leave the restaurant after dinner. The upper dining area, with an elevated panoramic view of the valley, is very ideal for some privacy or when you’re in need of some solitude without any distractions.


Imagine being out on a warm sunny day, with no clouds in view; just you inhaling the fresh air while enjoying your nicely chilled drink.


Now imagine that view, with green gardens full of blooming flowers, birds chirping away in the trees nearby, while you’re enjoying your favorite meal or drink on the outdoor veranda!



As soon as I was done with my drink and early brunch, I decided to walk down the green paths that led to a stone wall which had a picturesque view of Kerio Valley.


I seemed to have spent a good part of my life, probably too much in just standing at staring, and I was at it again that morning. It’s like nature’s heart beats strong amid the hills, as I stood there overlooking the valley and appreciating the majestic view, it was as if I was witnessing a miracle for the first time.



It felt like I had an epiphany with nature, a moment with my life when I wanted to feel everything; the beautiful clouds, the view of the large lush green forest surrounded by valleys under a clear blue sky. It put me in a state of tranquility, somehow the sky began to boast it’s mystical colors toward me. At that moment, I closed my eyes, opened both my arms and took a deep breath, entwined with nature.


After my little dramatic moment with nature, I had to come back to reality and rush back to the restaurant, since I was heading back to Nairobi shortly. I happened to bump into the owner of the place and he was kind enough to give me a bit of history about Iten, about the attractions I should try out the next time I found myself in this little piece of heaven.


I reluctantly left there, wishing I had more time to explore the rooms and spend more time at this place that managed to help me find myself within a short time; although I made it a point to come back in January, to fully enjoy what Kerio View has to offer!

Activities offered at Kerio View include:

  • Paragliding across Kerio Valley.
  • Biking in Kerio Valley
  • Hiking in Kerio Valley
  • Bird watching
  • Motor Bike Safaris

For bookings you can call Joseph on 0722781916.

Or email them at 



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