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Eat, Drink, Lounge at The Concord

The starry nights, the cool ocean breeze, the moon’s reflection illuminating on the waves, tropical warm salty air, while some jazz tunes play in the background as you sip on some cocktails reeling in each and every moment slowly drifting away, with each wave. For me, that has always been my “perfect moment”; somewhere in my coastal city of Mombasa.

When I came back to Nairobi a few months ago, I dreaded dining out, because in my head, nothing would ever come close to the” perfect moment” that my Coastal city always had to offer. I craved some quiet, serene ambience; somewhere I would perfectly enjoy my meal and drink without shouting back and forth while trying to have conversations with my friends. I never thought I would get such a cozy hideaway in Nairobi, until a friend of mine took me out to explore the mellow nightlife, that Nairobi had to offer.


Located in the upmarket Parklands area, there’s much to explore in one of Nairobi’s newest 5-star hotels; The Concord. Despite it being a few meters away from the hustle and bustle in Parklands, the ambience at Concord Hotel offers you nothing but comfort and serenity; from the amazing décor to the exemplary service, the moment we stepped into the hotel; I almost forgot that I was in Nairobi!

Bonhomie Restaurant, one of their dining outlets inside the hotel, is more than just your average restaurant. Derived from the French, Bonhomie simply means cheerful, friendliness or geniality; and this was evident by the way the staff treated us the moment we walked in, truly living up to the restaurant’s name! My companion and I had a hard time choosing from the menu, as the restaurant offered quite a tantalizing array of contemporary Continental gourmet dishes paired with an impressive range of fine wines and beverages in a vibrant, light and airy terrace atmosphere.


We decided to sample out a few of the light meals on the menu, and opted for a juicy sandwich burger and a carefully prepared chicken dish since my gluten intolerance self, could not indulge in the tasty wood oven baked pizza, that the restaurant had to offer. With a fairly priced menu which catered to gluten intolerant people, it was nice to see a wide selection of sea food and other meals that one could easily choose from!




My friend had boasted so much about their cocktails, and I couldn’t wait to try out some of their signature cocktails! Wycliffe and Erastus our mixologists for the evening, wowed us with their delectable creations behind the bar.


The Aqua Martini- a best seller with the ladies was my personal favorite, although the “Attitude Adjuster” came a close second to it. With a friendly priced cocktail menu ranging from 600-650Kshs, we decided to sample more of their cocktail; from the coffee martini to my friend’s personal favorite; The Jameson Night Cocktail which almost converted me into a whisky fan, for its divine minty and cranberry taste, that left my palette somewhat dazed.






I didn’t have my beach, the breeze, the moon and the stars as the props for my “perfect moment” but the mellow ambience at Bonhomie Restaurant came a close second, and definitely the perfect place to unwind after a long week!

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