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Getting Primped at Primp & Coddle

When you’ve worked tirelessly on a project; probably one that drained every fiber of your being, how do you tend to reward yourself? With a vacation, or maybe spoil yourself with a good dress or fancy heels? But sometimes, you need to be selfish and pamper yourself for all the hard work you put yourself through; be it a massage, manicure, pedicure, or probably a whole complete makeover, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking time to unwind and reward yourself with a bit of royal treatment.


According to the Urban Dictionary, the term Pimped has two meanings; one of them being: to make something more showy or impressive. With that in mind, I decided to pay a visit to one of the newest beauty bars located in Westlands, called Primp & Coddles, to experience for myself and find out whether my tired old self, would emerge from the beauty bar glowing from head to toe.


After going round and round in circles with the Uber driver, I finally managed to find my way to Aly’s Center in Westlands, where Primp & Coddles is located. As soon as I got to the third floor, tired from all the day’s activities and late for my appointment, I was welcomed in by the lovely owner and her friendly staff, who patiently waited for me to catch my breath, before surprising me with a full makeover, on top of the manicure I had planned on spoiling myself with!


The royal purple themed decor with some hints of gold, gave the beauty bar a pimped out feeling to it, yet still somehow managed to retain some sense of royalty to the place. I loved how Kris, the owner managed to balance a little bit of fun, yet maintaining some sort of classiness to it.



Finally after taking a few photos of the place, I decided to sip my chilled wine, before heading over to get waxed. Waxing usually is such an extreme sport, and when you find someone who’s rough and doesn’t know how to do it well, the pain can be quite excruciating. Thankfully the waxing session was quite gentle and impressively fast. The best thing about pedicures, is the feet massage that comes with it, but what I loved about the special pedicure I got at Primp & Coddle is the back massage you get from the massage chairs they have, while you continue sipping on your wine!



Having a manicure pulls your look together, hands are the first things people see after your face, and there was no better way to create a statement than with the Primp Manicure I got. From a variety of either gel or shellac nail polish, to beautiful nail art designs, they have plenty of options that would tickle your fancy.



I’ve always been wary about having my face beat by makeup artists, mainly because most tend to exaggerate, rather than enhance looks, hence why I was a bit skeptical of having my face done; but since I was ready for the whole primped experience, I decided to stop being rigid and went all out on the makeup.


The makeup was a bit too extra for me, but I got used to the look eventually, and stepped out to enjoy the night ahead all dolled up thanks to the wonderful team of beauticians at Primp & Coddle!


Check out their Instagram Page for more details Primp & Coddle or their Facebook page Primp & Coddle for exciting offers they have this year!


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