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Hidden Gems in Watamu

Public holidays are always ideal for a getaway away from Mombasa sometimes; we crave to get away from anything and everything, and have some quiet time to rejuvenate, to meditate and appreciate the beauty that the Coastal region has to offer. There are so many attractions to explore in either the South or North Coast of Mombasa; but I love discovering the hidden gems that are not the typical cliché resorts or hotels that people tend to go for, so when I got together with a few friends, we decided to explore Watamu.

Watamu for me holds a special place in my heart, it’s one of those places that helped me find myself when I was feeling lost, hence why I always jump at the first opportunity that comes along to go and discover what this scenic town has to offer. The road trip down to Watamu is always so therapeutic; with the black roads, the blue sky, the baobab trees, the sisal farms and the fresh air that comes from the forest with a pine-vanilla like aroma, it will make you inhale every moment, and get absorbed with the beautiful scenery and the simple way of life along the way. A trip to Watamu from Mombasa is about an hour and a half or more depending on the police checks and trucks along the road. When you finally cross Kilifi Bridge, your mind mentally switches to holiday mode; the eagerness and excitement starts building up, you can’t wait to reach Watamu at this point!

Watamu is a small town, just before Malindi, but it has plenty of attractions and a lovely Marine Park to entertain you. It’s more of a holiday getaway, just for you to unwind, sit back and enjoy the pristine white beaches; hence it has a wide variety of top notch resorts and hotels to choose from.

The resorts sometimes tend to be very pricey, that’s why many opt to stay at the private villas and holiday homes in Watamu. We decided to explore one of these cozy cottages as we drove down in Watamu. The few things I loved about Bwaga Moyo, it’s the privacy that it has to offer, the amazing décor and vintage Lamu sort of atmosphere to it. As we entered the gate, I must admit it surpassed my expectations; it’s still a relatively new place that many people haven’t discovered yet. The swimming pool really caught my eye, instead of the regular tiles underneath; it has some sort of unfinished coral to it which makes it so raw and original!


The exterior and the intricate details on the doors and the walls really drew me to this place. With coral walls surrounding the place, and beautiful carvings on each and every door, mirrors and walls, you can’t help but notice the owner paid attention to detail when he envisioned this place. The African continent wall hanging made out of coral gives the outside patio some nice warmth to it.

I loved the earthy décor and tone that is constant around the whole place; the Lamu seats for the patio and the dining area are ideal for lazing around while enjoying the evening breeze or enjoying a meal overlooking the pool. I particularly wished the bedroom was a bit bigger since it made me feel a little bit claustrophobic, but the big four-poster bed made me forget about it!


Usually many people prefer going to hotels rather than self-catered holiday homes, since when you’re away on holiday, you don’t want the burden of cooking; but the good thing about Bwaga Moyo, they provide a cook for you if you opt to have someone cook for you! The flat rooftop has a lovely breeze to it, where you can just stand and stare at the skies. I loved the Makuti shade by the pool, instead of the usual umbrellas; it gives the swimming pool a nice coastal atmosphere to it. As the night sets in, the beautiful lights shimmering on the swimming pool brighten the place, giving it a lovely glow.


I enjoyed discovering this hidden gem in Watamu. It’s ideal for a couple or a single person, since it’s not quite as spacious, but I enjoyed the cozy, warm feeling that I got at Bwaga Moyo.


Don’t forget to explore Gede Ruins and take a trip down the Love Island and explore Watamu while making beautiful memories in this idyllic little town!

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