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Hidden Gems of Mombasa

The coastal beaches, the tropical air, the palm trees those are the first things that always come to mind whenever we think about Mombasa. Tranquility, cool air, scenic landscapes a bit of wildlife and a touch of safari; no it’s not the Masai Mara that I’m talking about, rather, it’s the beautiful Nguuni Giraffe Sanctuary located in Kiembeni, just on the outskirts of Bamburi. Sometimes we all get tired of the cliché lying on the beach, trying to enjoy some solitude yet a few beach boys keep hovering around you, making you more irritated than relaxed; we crave for something more serene, more safari like without having to travel far to experience it and that’s what Nguuni offers you.


The first time I heard about this place, I knew I had to experience it for myself. I have lived in Mombasa for a few years, but I discovered Nguuni not so long ago. It is one of those hidden gems that crave to be explored and enjoyed with family or friends. The simple yet lovely Bandas are ideal for having picnics with friends or enjoying a lovely barbecue with family while being one with nature. The one thing that captured my attention about Nguuni, is the fact that you can escape away from reality and feel like you have been teleported to another lifetime. It’s very rare to visit a sanctuary or a park that lets you have a one on one with giraffes, without them being confined in walls, where they strut around freely without a care in the world, and Nguuni gives you that opportunity to enjoy seeing these beautiful animals in all their glory!


The splendor of these tall creatures, their gaze and their nonchalant attitude is an interesting sight to behold. They seem accustomed to having their photos taken and will gladly pose for you till you get the perfect shot of them.


With giraffes, ostriches and bush bucks surrounding you, you will have plenty of attractions to choose from. The bush bucks are a bit shy but when they come out to play, they are a brilliant sight to behold.

The perfect culmination to a beautiful afternoon spent at Nguuni, is the lovely sunset that you get to watch as it goes down to welcome the night. With a vast landscape, and hills surrounding Nguuni, you are sure to catch the best captivating sunsets that Mombasa has to offer!


A trip to Nguuni Sanctuary is definitely worth your time. Sometimes we don’t have to travel far to enjoy the Mara sort of safari feel, when we can get to explore a few of the hidden gems that Mombasa has to offer!

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