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How to Make Grocery Bags Out Of Pillowcases

We all have that one plastic bag, full of plastic bags inside our kitchen cabinets; somehow it acts like a rite of passage in every household, a mantle passed on through generations. Or how about those fancy plastic bags from H&M and the likes, that we love hoarding and stacking up in our bedroom cabinets? We all know plastic bags have also been known to save a few weaves and hairstyles with the sudden downpours that start from nowhere. Still, polythene bags are a nuisance and hazardous to our environment.

One evening while impulse buying along the streets of Nairobi, thanks to the hawkers at night in town; I couldn’t believe how many polythene bags I ended up with when I got back home! That’s when I decided to up cycle old pillowcases and turn them into grocery bags, which I can always walk around with inside my bag to avoid collecting more plastic bags for my one plastic bag underneath my kitchen shelf. Not only is this a quick project to do, but it’s also an environmental friendly initiative, which I decided to start by collecting old pillowcases from friends and turning them into simple grocery bags!

What you will need for this tutorial:


A pillowcase (big wow!)

Scissors and chalks


Draw two L shaped lines with your chalk or marker on your pillowcase; they don’t necessarily have to be even.


Cut out the two L shaped you drew on the pillow case and turn it inside out and sew on the top part. Then hem the edges for a neater finished look.


With your bag turned inside out, cut a snip on the bottom, and insert the hairband and sew it down to reinforce it.



The reason for the hairband is the fact that it makes it easy for you to fold, roll and neatly place inside your bag.




It’s a quick, eco-friendly project to do, and an amazing way to up cycle your old pillow cases while at it!


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