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How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter

I love me some nuts! Peanuts that it is (ignore the wordplay), I love cooking with them, eating them, and of course, I love making peanut butter with them. Uganda is the land of peanuts and bananas, so I made sure I carried enough peanuts to make me a few jars of peanut butter! There’s something about store bought peanut butter, which never seems to have that rich peanut taste that peanut butter should have, not to mention they tend to be very costly; hence why I prefer making my own peanut butter! With this easy recipe, you will never think of buying peanut butter anymore!


A bowl of Peanuts (of course, Captain Obvious) depending on the amount you want.

About four or five spoons of Canola oil or Vegetable oil. (I prefer Canola Oil; it gives it a nice smooth consistency)

Some Honey; depending on how sweet you want it, two spoons will do.


Fry your raw peanuts in a pan with a tad bit of water and salt till crunchy. Let them cool for about fifteen minutes; you can either choose to peel the skin off, or leave them unpeeled. Peeling them off is such a task, I usually grind them with the skin on, or if you’re patient enough, you can peel the skin off.


Grind the peanuts using a food processor till fine. Peanut powder is good for making curries and stews; I love using it while making Matoke, Mchicha or dipping fried cassavas in peanut sauce, so I decided to make an extra bowl for that.


Add the peanut powder and oil and process again until blended. Lift the cover and add honey, then process it again. Depending on how smooth or crunchy you prefer your peanut butter to be, you can add an extra spoon of oil until you get the consistency you want.

Pour the mix in a jar and let it cool in the fridge for around six hours.


And there you have it, your easy peasy homemade peanut butter!


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