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How to Transform Men’s Shirts Into Off Shoulder Tops

It’s laundry day; you’ve set aside your favorite shirt from other clothes, you know that one shirt that you always love wearing for weddings, cocktails; basically any event that requires you to clean up nice? Your cleaning lady notices the blue stripped shirt slowly tucked away in the corner; baffled and dazed, she notices the red lipstick stain on the collar of your shirt. She hurriedly grabs some bleaching powder and soaks your shirt for a few hours, then vigorously decides to showcase her Hulk superpowers while rubbing her hands on the collar of your shirt, until it looks tattered.


Weeks pass by and you keep wondering where your shirt disappeared to, she blurts out nonchalantly about her accident with the collar and goes on with her work. There goes another of your favorite shirts, ruined by her hidden powers!

We all have traumatic stories that our clothes have been subjected to, thanks to our house helps; men’s shirts especially being the casualties when it comes to this. So I decided to start collecting shirts from my male friends, which were worn out on the collar and turned them into off shoulder chic shirts! It’s such an easy and quick DIY technique that’s fun to add to your wardrobe, ladies! Just make sure your better half/ friend/ brother won’t mind you ripping off their shirts!(no puns :-))

What you will need for this technique:


2 inches (or less) worth of elastic
Sewing machine (you can also do it by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine)
Sewing thread and needle
Safety Pin
Men’s shirts (of course)


Lay the old shirt on a flat surface, making sure the shirt is nicely flat in order for you to cut precisely.


Proceed to measure four inches above the pocket all around the shirt then cut off the upper remaining part that has the collar and set it aside or throw it away.



Once you’re done with the cutting, fold the edge of the shirt and pin it, then sew along the hemline, but remember to leave about 2 inches free, for you to be able to insert a safety pin inside.


Proceed to measure the elastic around your shoulders and chest area; the easiest way for me to measure myself, is by putting the elastic over my shoulder as if I’m draping a scarf over, then tightening the elastic around myself, depending on how tight or loose I want the fitting to be on my shoulders.

Once you have gotten the desired measurements, insert the elastic on the end of a safety pin, and follow it through the small opening on the end of your hem and then finish by stitching the opening hem.

And voila! There you have it, your own off shoulder shirt in less than 30 minutes.


If you want a more fitted look, you can alter the side seams to make it look more feminine, or if you prefer a baggier look you could look for a large shirt and have a more shirt dress look to it! Depending on your style, there are so many ways for you to wear an off shoulder shirt, you could team it up with some skinny jeans and heels for a night out, or you could wear it with shorts when you’re going to the beach. Make sure you have fun playing with the sleeves as well; you could either roll them up for a more casual look or wear it formally!


Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’m pretty sure I will be making more off shoulder shirts; I just need to find more male shirts to chop off!!

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