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Kitu Kidogo Cottages- Diani’s Perfect Hideaway

Living in the Coastal city for over five years, was the best decision I ever made. It made me fall in love with places, spices, tropical weather and of course the beach; it made me find myself, lose myself and be content with deriving pleasure from little things. However, the one place that always holds a special place in my heart, has always been Diani; it bears such beautiful memories, it healed me in ways I never thought I could; it made me find love, it made me peaceful; and for that,it always remains my perfect place to get away from it all.


After a few amazing days in Watamu with the girls, we had to save the best for last by relishing the few days we had left, in Diani. While planning on our girls trip, I happened to recall a friend of mine, staying at some beautiful cottage a few months back in Diani, which I promised myself to try out, the next time I needed to regain my sanity, somewhere private yet easily accessible to the shopping center and restaurants within Diani.


Tucked away near the powdery, white sandy beaches of  Diani, lies two exclusive, beautiful cottages called Kitu Kidogo. The beautiful cottages have a rustic flair to them, as they are made out of coral, sandstone and wood, which instantly puts you in a calm and serene mood, from the moment you arrive at Kitu Kidogo.



The best thing about travelling during low season, is the fact that you get amazing rates and deals, which worked to our advantage when we were planning our trip as we decided to take the 2 bedroom cottage, called Firimbi Cottages for a very affordable price. The cottages are beautifully furnished with hand curved Lamu furniture, as well as Afghani rugs all around, creating a nice fusion of oriental and coastal ambiance around it.


My favorite spot during our 3 nights stay at the cottage, was the outside dining and bar area, which happens to be exclusive to Firimbi Cottages. I spent most of my nights curled up on the couch, staring out at the starry skies, sipping on some wine; while drowning myself to the sounds of the waves close by, crashing on the rocks.


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant and Forty Thieves Beach Bar in Diani. It was only perfect that the cottages happened to be on the same compound with both restaurants, which made the cottages so convenient for our stay in Diani, as well as being the ideal place for a romantic dinner at the Cave Restaurant, while Forty Thieves happened to be the perfect place to party the night away.


No holiday is complete for me without my morning walks by the beach at 6am, just to capture the sunrise, while meditating and having intimate moments with myself.


The distance to Diani Beach from the cottages was perfect since it was only a calming 5 minutes walk to the beach through the Forty Thieves entrance.


There’s nothing as peaceful as those early mornings by the beach alone; you feel your worries drifting away, while the calming waves seem to carry all the stresses in life and drown them deep in the sea. I couldn’t have imagined a more idyllic place to stay in than Kitu Kidogo Cottages.


Our stay at Kitu Kidogo was extremely short but worth every penny spent. The cottages are ideal for families, couples and friends; or someone who craves a bit of privacy away from the hotels and resorts around Diani. They also have a one bedroom cottage called Sahani, which is perfect for a couple and happens to be more affordable than Firimbi Cottages. However, unlike Firimibi, it doesn’t have air-conditioned rooms, and an outdoor dining area, which was one of my favorite spots to relax and unwind; although it does have a fully equipped kitchen and stand up fans to cool the hot summer nights.


The main highlight for me when it comes to Kitu Kidogo, is the fact that you get an option to hire a chef at an extra cost, which I would highly recommend as Bruno, the chef makes amazing sea food dishes, as well as going grocery shopping for you; leaving you to enjoy your holiday with ease.

The cottages happen to be perfectly located near Diani’s shopping center, which has a supermarket, coffee shops, pharmacy and most importantly a vast liquor collection! The only disadvantage to some, might be that the cottages lack a swimming pool area; but you really don’t need a swimming pool since the cottages are located so close to the beach! They have relatively fast wi-fi which is perfect if you’re traveling with kids and need to distract them for a while.

Diani is my happy place, or my life in the slow lane as it were, because no matter how much I shake the sand from my feet, I can never seem to shake Diani from my soul. Smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean and be at ease at Kitu Kidogo Cottages, it’s really the perfect place to restore some sanity to your soul!


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