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Dining Out in Mombasa

Living in a coastal town that’s rich in culture and mouth-watering delicacies, one is always spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing restaurants to explore. With so many Swahili dishes and sea-food culinary delights to choose from, one’s taste-buds are always confused when it comes to choosing the best restaurants to explore. I have many favorite restaurants that I love exploring, but for now I will focus on one that does it for me when it comes to prawns and everything sea-food. Conveniently located at City Mall’s food court in Nyali, you don’t need to call ahead to book for a reservation, you can walk in and have your food ready within minutes. Many people shy away from food courts, we all have this perception that they prepare food hurriedly,or that it’s only ideal for light snacks and meals. But that’s far from what Flames Deli and Grill have to offer; with meals that have been prepared to perfection, and service that’s fast and efficient,it makes it a favorite spot for many to unwind after running errands inside the mall. With a wide array of food to choose from, you are sure to come back for more at Flames Deli and Grill.


I’m not a fun of junk food, especially when it comes to Frenchfries, but their signature Poutine (French Fries with cheese and gravy) has got to be my favorite sinful indulgence!


The one thing that is always a deal breaker for me when it comes to restaurants, are their refreshments menu.The betrayal when you order some fresh juice or milkshake, only for you to be served diluted juices or milkshakes can make you despise a restaurant despite having enjoyed a meal. That’s why I was a bit skeptical when it came to ordering their chocolate milkshake, but as soon as the first sip oozed down my throat, all my doubts went out of the window! Their milkshakes and juices are so fresh and rich you will definitely get your money’s worth.


You definitely have to try out their mango and tropical juices

They say pictures speak a thousand words, sometimes you have to let the photos speak for themselves! With an amazing dessert menu and sea food dishes that will leave you craving for more, you can never go wrong by popping in for a meal at Flames Deli and Grill!




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