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Nails Retreat at Ombre Nails Spa

The village life of waking up and digging through sacks of coal just to enjoy the pleasures of a nice hot bath, had taken a toll on my nails; after trotting around Kenya and Uganda for a few weeks, I came back to Mombasa with my nails looking like they had gone through traumatizing torture, and needed some counseling to make them feel better. A friend of mine kept going on and on about a certain Nails Spa in Nyali that I needed to check out, and reluctantly I agreed to satisfy my curiosity and pay them a visit.


Located at the new Amal Plaza just off the Mamba roundabout, Ombre Nails spa is definitely setting the pace when it comes to pampering your nails and feet! I was a bit apprehensive about trying out a new place, since the last time I did, my toenails got a bad infection one would think I was going through a Gothic black nail polish, phase; but the moment I stepped inside Ombre Nails Spa, I knew my nails were in safe hands (pun intended)


When it comes to décor, usually most Nails Spa, tend to go for the cliché white and pink or red chairs, nothing to really make you feel quite as relaxed; but that wasn’t the case with Ombre Nails Spa; you can tell that the owner has really paid attention to detail to create a serene ambience, from the splash of color all around and the unique pillows and accessories strewn all over the place.


Whenever you walk inside a spa, mentally you always feel so calm and collected, I didn’t quite expect a Nails Spa would set that ambience for me, considering Amal Plaza is located next to the road, but there’s something about the Coastal accessories, the relaxing music, friendly hospitality and the lovely service that makes this spa quite different from the rest.




After I finished admiring their lovely décor, the staff patiently took me through all the services that they offered; I decided to go all out and spoil myself with a Signature Ombre Manicure and Pedicure combination. Foot and hand massages have never been my cup of tea, because I rarely find someone with gifted hands who knows just how to touch and calm my nerves, so I had mentally prepared myself to make an excuse of a leg injury that didn’t permit my legs to be massaged; but the moment my legs and hands started getting massaged, I saw Idris Elba smiling down on me! After the heavenly massage, I had a soothing paraffin therapy with heated mitts, which made me curse myself for not discovering this place sooner.


I left Ombre Nails Spa feeling so relaxed and walked around like a penguin with my happy feet afraid to touch the ground after the relaxing retreat I had just gone through. My feet were one scratch away from making sand paper effects, but when I left Ombre Nails Spa, I could hear them whispering;” Thank God for small mercies, we have been saved from rubbing against bed sheets!”


I definitely found my new guilty pleasure, to pamper and spoil myself once in a while, if not for a manicure or pedicure, definitely their relaxing massages. The one unique service that caught my eye with Ombre Nails Spa however, is the fact that they offer home services for special events; whether you would like to spoil your girlfriends with a girl’s night in, a hen’s night with the girls, a bridal shower or baby shower, they will offer home packages to cater to your budget.

Ombre Nails spa has definitely made my work easier when it comes to choosing a nice gift to spoil my close girlfriends with. There’s something about your nails looking good that has the ability to make any outfit look new, but there’s something about Ombre Nails Spa, that makes you leave,feeling like a totally new different person!



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