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10 Natural Remedies That Are Good For Your Health

As a child growing up, the smell of coconut oil was enough to make me feel nauseous; basically any herbal remedy turned me into a Houdini, in that I became an expert at vanishing every time my mum would make us drink anything herbal. Fast forward to adulthood, I can’t imagine my life without these natural remedies that are very easy to come across and have actually been beneficial for my health!

1.Stinging Nettle- It helps in controlling allergies, hay fever and sinus attacks. Drinking stinging nettle on a regular basis helps in combating allergies as well as reducing the amount of attacks you might have, if you suffer from any respiratory diseases. It’s beneficial when it comes to boosting your hemoglobin levels, whether you are anemic or tend to suffer from low blood count every now and then. It’s also very beneficial for your hair, when you mix it with coconut oil or rinse your hair with it and helps in controlling dandruff.

2.Fresh Ginger- If you suffer from migraines, then fresh ginger should be your new best friend. I got this remedy from a friend, and I must say, it works wonders; chewing on fresh ginger when you feel a migraine headache coming on, helps in reducing and suppressing the pain for a while. Crushing fresh ginger in hot water and drinking it when you want to hasten or regulate your monthly menses, is another amazing trick that ginger has to offer.

3.Moringa Tea- You can pour the powder on your food, soups or boil the leaves in water and drink it as tea. Moringa is rich in a whole lot of nutrients and has plenty of benefits; I personally love using it on my hair. It’s also very good for balancing hormones and boosting your energy levels.

4.Dates and Milk- Blending dates and milk, is one of the fastest ways to naturally boost your blood count. By blending a few dates in milk and drinking it, especially for expectant mothers, it helps in boosting your blood count, and reducing the risks of becoming anemic after child-birth. It’s also very ideal for people with a low blood count.

5.Green Tea- Two of my favorite benefits that actually work when it comes to green tea; It helps combat coffee addiction. It’s rich in caffeine, and not the kind that makes you jittery when you don’t drink coffee in the morning, it is a natural stimulant that works just as much to give you the needed energy boost. It also helps in burning fat and boosts your metabolic rate, making it very ideal in weight loss!

6.Mint Leaves- It’s one of the main ingredients when it comes to chewing gum, but there are so many benefits that mint leaves have to offer that it should be safely stored somewhere in your home! A cup of mint tea helps in promoting digestion and is also good for stomach upsets; the aroma of mint leaves also helps curb nausea. Mint Oil rubbed on your temples helps in reducing headaches as well as soothing the pain away. Mint oil is very ideal for breastfeeding mothers, who suffer from cracked nipples. By pouring a few drops of mint oil on your pillow and inhaling it at night, it helps in decongesting one’s chest.

7.Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera plant has so many benefits that are beneficial to our whole entire body. It’s my favorite detoxifying remedy, and helps give your skin that radiant glow. By peeling the skin and scraping off the white gel-like part and blending it, it helps in detoxifying your system and cleansing you from the inside. It is also very beneficial for the skin; the gel helps in soothing skin problems, by applying it directly to your skin. Aloe Vera juice is very good for your hair, to give it that healthy shine, and helps sooth dry itchy scalps!

8.Rosemary Leaves- Fresh Rosemary leaves when used while cooking can be very beneficial for your health. It helps in combating bacterial infections such as H. pylori, and works to soothe your stomach against diarrhea, bloating and everything in between. Rosemary oil is also very ideal for your skin and hair!

9.Avocado Leaves- It’s a great tea that helps in cleansing your kidneys, stopping diarrhea and helps in regulating menstrual periods. The taste takes quite some time to get used to, but once you do, it has amazing instant benefits for detoxifying your system.

10.Fenugreek Seeds- By including Fenugreek seeds in your daily diet, you will notice plenty of health benefits. It helps in digestion, heartburn and acid reflux; it increases breast milk production among breast-feeding mothers. When taken with a teaspoon of lemon and honey, fenugreek helps with coughs and sore throat infections. It’s also ideal as part of your weight loss diet since it suppresses your appetite and makes you eat less!

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