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Of Boat Rides, Muscle and Everything Coastal

To some it’s just water, to me it’s where I regain my sanity; being out in the lonely sea has a way of letting one’s imagination loose on all kinds of possibilities. Seated on the decks, sailing away, staring at the sunset, in the midst of a crowd; it has a way of making you realize however bad the storm you’re in might be, there’s always some sun somewhere over the horizon. That to me was the highlight of the Mombasa Instagram Tour organized by TurnUp travel.


We set sail last weekend on a 48 hour Mombasa Instagram Tour together with a few bloggers, photographers, wanderlusts and influencers alike, in a quest to explore as much of Mombasa’s attractions and nightlife experience as we possibly could within 48 hours. Below are a few places and things we got to do while in Mombasa which are affordable for anyone who wants to explore this city:

  • Visit Serena Beach Resort and Spa

Home to various species of butterflies as well as a Turtle Hatchery, Serena has various environmental attractions you can discover at the Butterfly Park. Despite having visited  Maisha Spa and the Butterfly Park last year, a visit to Serena always leaves me quite refreshed and calm.



  • Lets Meat & Herb

A tasty burger is what you deserve, and the burgers at Meat & Herb are not only an oasis of pleasure to your palate, but are very affordable and worth every single penny. If you’re not a burger fan, you can always indulge in their grilled steak or delicious pizzas they have on the menu!


  • Chase the Sunrise at The Beach

The spectacle of a sunrise by the beach is quite breathtaking: especially the way the water seems to be unruffled by the motion communicated by the tides. Something about staring out at sea, not a breath of air stirring; the sun always seems to rise and heave slowly with a grand majestic motion.


  • Enjoy Breakfast at Jahazi Coffee House

Located in Old Town, Jahazi Coffee House happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Mombasa. Probably it could be the cozy Swahili themed decor which is reminiscent of Lamu, or it’s simplicity and ambiance, that makes Jahazi the perfect place to indulge in some Swahili Breakfast.





After a hearty breakfast, you can take a walk around Old Town to explore the beautiful architecture and rich history around this area.


  • Eat and Dream At Forodhani

Close to the Old Port of Mombasa, Forodhani has amazing spectacular views of the old Mombasa Harbour and home to the best Biriyani and Swahili dishes around Mombasa. Be warned, their generous servings of meals, might leave you in a siesta mood for the better part of the afternoon.


Image courtesy of @Life in Mombasa

  • Take a Cruise at La Marina

The ocean has always been a salve to my soul; being out at sea gives one a kind of freedom that can’t be explained. La Marina Restaurant in Mtwapa organized an entertaining sundowner cruise for our group as we sailed across the waters before settling down for a buffet dinner and cocktails at the restaurant.





  • Experience Mombasa’s Nightlife

Be it the famous Bob’s Bar, Tapas or Anuba Lounge, you will never run out of choices when it comes to the vibrant nightlife in Mombasa. However, thanks to Bars Kenya for organizing the pub crawl experience last weekend, a few of us got to party and enjoy amazing offers and shots which Zenix Lounge had in store for the TurnUp crew till wee hours of the morning before ending the Mombasa IG Tour.




The Mombasa Tour might have come to an end last Saturday, but for some of us, the tour wasn’t yet complete without some testosterone rugby filled goodness since it coincided with Driftwoods 7s. We got to spend the better part of the afternoon watching rugby, feeding our eyes on some muscle and goodness, while quenching our thirst with some cold Tuskers.










A special thanks to Makwetu Villas for making our stay in Nyali quite memorable for the Mombasa IG Tour.

And Uber for giving us free rides and making it quite easy for us to enjoy traveling in style.

Last but not least, we wouldn’t have been able to post the amazing shots we got online, if it wasn’t for Safaricom giving us free airtime. They all made the Mombasa Instagram Tour quite memorable.








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