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" /> On The Shores of Somewhere Beautiful- Part Two – Curly Cheeks

On The Shores of Somewhere Beautiful- Part Two

Have you ever tried watching grown men playing golf? I have never quite understood the game; why the whole aim of the game is to hit a very small ball, into an even smaller hole, with a club. I stood there painfully watching as Owaahh and Beewol tried aimlessly to learn the game, make a fool out of themselves while at it, but for the sake of my own safety, I decided it was best to walk away lest they decided to swing a ball at me.


After a relaxing evening cruise on Lake Victoria, we decided to embark on a tour around the golf course. As much as I had no clue about the game, I couldn’t deny it; Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa is one of the most idyllic places for a round of golf.




We drove through the golf course, with a lovely backdrop of the sun setting on Lake Victoria, while spotting various species of birds around, making the resort one of  the perfect destinations to bird watch while on holiday.








The unique Italian themed architecture around the resort is quite impressive; especially the Roman Coliseum which had a way of making you feel like you had teleported back to the Roman Gladiator era, with it’s authentic arena amidst water cascades and fountains.



Apart from being the ideal venue for a wedding, the panoramic view of the sunset over the hills was quite breathtaking from the Roman Coliseum.



From the cruise along Lake Victoria and a tour across the property, we were quite exhausted and ready to unwind at The Kigo Cocktail Bar; a classy, earth toned bar located inside the resort. When you go to a place where the WiFi is weak, and the rum is strong, interesting conversations and revelations are bound to arise, and in our case Doreen managed to convince us to come back to Uganda very soon, thanks to her entertaining stories. One thing I really loved about Lake Victoria Serena, is how generous their food servings are; not to mention the rich succulent flavors, which had a home cooked taste to it, something that’s rare to find in most hotels.


A cluster of pastel painted villas, housed the rooms where we were all staying; and there was nothing quite as beautiful than waking up to watch the sunrise on the balcony overlooking the lush green lawns while Lake Victoria created a picturesque backdrop around it’s golden rays.



As we sat down over brunch mulling over our short stay at Lake Victoria Serena, yet glad that we were going back home finally after a week long adventurous trip in Kampala, we decided to explore the hotel one last time, and found ourselves at the presidential suite.





Spacious, elegant and classy with an amazing view of Lake Victoria, the presidential suite left me in awe as I stood at the balcony lost in thought contemplating why it wasn’t possible to get stuck in time just to savor each and every moment we had at Lake Victoria Serena Resort.






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