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Product Hair Review: Garnier Fructis Hair Products

We all have certain products that always seem to excite us, no matter how many times we avoid the product junkie bug. During my relaxed hair days, Garnier’s range of hair color products, were a personal favorite for me; not only did they make me achieve the hair color I wanted, but they always left my hair feeling moisturized and soft!


When I went back to being natural a few years back, Garnier’s Avocado Hair conditioner worked extremely well on my hair, until I decided to explore other conditioners and ended up being a product junkie, jumping from one conditioner after another. This year I decided to revive my love for Garnier Hair Products, thanks to my amazing sister who always comes back home bearing gifts in the form of hair products!

For the past three years, my hair has somewhat become anti-protein; whenever I try to use hair products that contain a lot of protein, my hair tends to feel very dry and brittle afterwards, hence why I was a bit skeptical when it came to trying out the Oil Repair Hair shampoo, since it seemed to have various proteins as the main ingredients. After the first wash I could confidently say, I found the perfect shampoo that worked well with my hair, the slip after washing my hair using Garnier’s Hair Shampoo and the conditioner as well, was just amazing; my hair felt so light and moisturized afterwards, I couldn’t wait to get hands on the deep conditioning treatment!

The Oil Repair 3 Wonder Butter deep conditioning treatment which has Mango, Shea Butter and Avocado oil as the main ingredients, is what sugar, spice and everything nice is made of! I was in a rush and I had to rinse it off after a few minutes, but the curl definition I got after that was quite amazing, leaving my hair with a glossy, natural shiney, look! It has quiet a lovely tropical smell which makes you feel like you can eat your own hair!

I would definitely recommend Garnier’s range of hair products for anyone who wants to give their hair some protein love. I expected my hair to feel dry and brittle afterwards, but the results I got were amazing; not only are their products price friendly, they are also readily available in most beauty shops and supermarkets around!

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