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Seafood Restaurants in Mombasa

There’s nothing like life by the ocean; the warm salty air, white sandy beaches, a relaxed way of life and of course fresh seafood delicacies at your disposal! One is always spoiled for choice when it comes to seafood restaurants in Mombasa,as there are plenty of restaurants to explore, when it comes to satisfying seafood cravings!

I’m very particular when it comes to exploring seafood restaurants in Mombasa, because of how delicate seafood is, and what damage it can do to your system when not prepared right, hence the reason why I always remain loyal to a chosen few restaurants that offer the best seafood delicacies this side of town; one of those restaurants for me definitely has got to be Jahazi Seafood Restaurant!


Located at Serena Beach Resort and Spa, Jahazi Seafood Restaurant, undoubtedly lives up to its name, by offering amazing seafood delicacies! The moment you walk into Jahazi Restaurant, you feel like you have entered inside an old abandoned ship, decked on the shores of the Indian Ocean.


The relaxed tropical décor on the lower deck of the restaurant is quite unique as it gives you the chance to step out of the ocean, and kick back without having to worry over the sand on your feet, but rather you can kick back and enjoy your meal while burying your feet in the sand!


The middle tier of the deck offers a more formal dining area, while you get to enjoy the breeze from the ocean, all the while being serenaded while you enjoy your meal. The Arabian lamps hanging from the ceiling, drape down quite majestically, reflecting light well on the wooden polished floors, while giving the restaurant a nice sort of ”Pirates of The Caribbean” allure to it!


The upper deck of the restaurant had an amazing panoramic view of the ocean and I couldn’t have thought of a better place to enjoy my meal privately tucked away from other guests at the restaurant.


Willy, our cheerful waiter for the day, took me through the days specials, and I was still unsure of what I wanted to indulge in, since they all sounded so delectable! I dug in on the starters and had to control myself, since I still needed to save some space for the main course!


The prompt service from the waiters, despite having other guests around, was quite impressive from the moment I stepped inside the restaurant. Willy made sure that I got to indulge in all the various delicacies available from the amazing chicken balls covered in coconut chutney and before my taste buds could even recover from the tangy flavor, he brought in some mango sorbet which felt like tropical heaven!



I just had enough space left to savor the “catch of the day”- some mouth-watering Red Snapper cuisine; the exotic flavor and rich aroma, was enough to make me satisfied, but I struggled to finish a whole plate, and still have enough room left over for dessert!


Fortunately for me, a few friends decided to join me over for lunch, and all I could do was drool over their tantalizing prawns and lobster dishes. The generous servings at Jahazi Restaurant, definitely left us satisfied, despite the amount of calories we had to burn after our sumptuous meal!



After such a heavy lunch, we decided to unwind with some dessert and wine, while enjoying the lovely blue skies, and low tide from the Indian Ocean. Jahazi Restaurant has a way of making you unwind, kick back and enjoy the ambience of the place, to a point you don’t realize just how much time has passed you by while getting lost in the moment!


Be it a romantic dinner, while gazing at the full moon as it reflects on the ocean or a lovely brunch with friends, Jahazi Restaurant definitely offers you the best seafood cuisine that Mombasa has to offer!

The chef was kind enough to give me a glimpse of the raw fresh seafood, that we had just devoured, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how fresh and vibrant their seafood selection was!



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