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Two Ways of Revamping Old Jeans

We all have old jeans lying around in our closets that we are too attached to let go of,or haven’t gotten around to donating them to charity. There are so many ways you can revamp old jeans, by turning them into new, gorgeous bags or outfits,!

My mum bought bought a skirt that didn’t happen to fit her well and decided to pass it on to me; she knew very well, that it wasn’t my style, but she believed that I would get creative with it and turn it into something wearable! I kept it tucked in my closet for a long time, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it until, I decided to make some shorts and vest with it!


Here’s a step by step picture tutorial of how I went around it.


Using a seam ripper, I removed all the stitches first, to be able to have two pieces of the skirt. The skirt wasn’t proportional, making it quite tricky to cut, since I wanted to omit the pockets completely.

I cut the two pieces up into shorts, and left the remaining pieces for the vest.


Since the fabric wasn’t big enough to make a fitting denim top, I decided to mix it up with some leftover Ankara fabric that I had, and turned it into a vest that can be worn with either jeans or dresses for those windy days!


Before you throw away, your old denims, think about ways you can revamp them and turn them into lovely outfits!


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Marion is a creative writer, fashion and interior designer, photographer, poet, natural hair stylist and traveler. This is a lifestyle blog, exploring, the good, the better and the best things that everyday life has to offer in this Coastal side of life, hoping to create a nicer world through beautiful designs and fresh ideas!

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