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Walk In, Float Out at Maisha Spa

We all need a bit of relaxation; somewhere where we can get to relax, recharge and heal our bodies and mind. Life is already stressing as it is, sometimes we need someplace where we can get away; a haven for personal healing growth and discovery, and that one place for me has definitely got to be Maisha Spa located inside Serena Beach Resort and Spa!


The relaxing music, Frangipani scented air around you, automatically makes you feel relaxed the moment you step inside Maisha Spa. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the lovely staff and my masseuse for the day, Judy; she needed to address any health concerns I might have had, and finally advised me to have the Stress Away massage!


We walked in through the white long corridors, with scented candles and bowls with Frangipani petals floating over them, as I headed to the changing room. The Frangipani themed setting all around the spa provides a nice tropical aroma which instantly puts your mind at ease!


I changed into my bathrobe and headed for the shower before indulging myself to the sauna for a bit of exfoliating! The impeccable hygiene standards and cleanliness at the spa, was evident by the signs and rules around the spa as well as the sanitation measures that one needed to adhere to before using any of the facilities. My claustrophobic self, couldn’t stay longer than eight minutes inside the sauna, so I decided to jump into the Jacuzzi and relax for a few minutes.



The privacy inside the spa was an added plus for me, as I got to have the Jacuzzi all to myself and indulged myself with what I love to call a nice R&B shower. For those who are not familiar with an R&B shower, it involves letting the water run over you, while you meditate and think about life or what you’re going to have for breakfast, or why Idris Elba doesn’t understand that you were meant to live happily ever after together! After my session at the sauna, I had to rehydrate my system, while I waited for my massage therapy.


Judy, the lovely masseuse came for me, and we headed down to the massage room; I couldn’t get enough of how vibrant and smooth her skin was and kept bombarding her with questions regarding her skin care regimen, all of which she was kind enough to answer! She mentioned to me that she’s been working at the spa for the past eight years, and I could tell from her professional way of answering any concerns I had regarding the massage, that I was in capable hands!

The décor headed to the massage area is quite lovely; the wooden thick doors and plants all around create a very relaxing ambience to the spa.


The moment I settled in on the massage bed, while inhaling on the Frangipani scented flowers underneath; I could literally feel my body floating away!



After explaining to Judy how sensitive my skin was, she assured me that Elemis Skin Specific Products were clinically proven, and that I had nothing to worry about. Her gifted hands as she worked her way through my aching back, and muscles, had me drifting in and out of slumber, and the moment she rubbed essential oils on my scalp, I could hear white doves singing from heaven! Since I had been under a whole lot of stress, Judy decided to treat me to some Herbal Lavender Repair Facial, which instantly gave my face an amazing glow!


With my body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, I stepped inside the relaxing area to do some meditation, while enjoying a nice, cold glass of fresh juice. The tranquility I got at the relaxing area from the sounds of the birds chirping away, the fountain trickling with water on the rocks and the beautiful flowers surrounding me, made me feel like I would pause time for infinity and get stuck in that moment forever!


Since I still wanted to savor all I could from Maisha Spa, I decided to explore the other massage rooms around, and came across the couple rooms. The room was lovely, with an open yet private shower at the gardens outside; while the lovely coral décor on the walls gave it some sort of medieval feel to it, and I mentally made a note of coming back here with my future better half one day!


Sadly my session was over and I needed to get back to reality, as much as I wanted to stay and indulge in more treatments that Maisha Spa had to offer, I knew real life beckoned and I had to heed its call. I went in there feeling stressed, but I left there feeling revitalized; it felt nice to be kneaded, and I’m glad I got to have a tranquil experience through caring hands at Maisha Spa!


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