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Watamu’s Private Getaway

Have you ever thought of getting away for a few days, to a private place, with a lovely view of the ocean, overlooking white pristine beaches, while enjoying the warm, tropical air? Well, let me indulge you a bit on a place that offers just that; Saba Saba Villas in Watamu. The reason why I never blogged about this place was out of selfishness; I didn’t want people to discover my happy place and ruin it for me. But there’s something about Saba Saba that makes it hard for you to keep it to yourself.


The moment you drive in to Watamu, your brain automatically switches into holiday mode; but the moment you drive down to Saba Saba villas, your mind just shuts down and immerses itself in the beautiful surroundings of the place. If you love privacy like I do, a place where you can get to relax and chill with your loved ones or friends, then Saba Saba villas is the place for you.


Last year was crazy for me, and when I got the chance to escape to Watamu, I decided to jump in on the opportunity. January is usually the best time to go on holiday, in my opinion; when everyone else goes back to work and you have the whole place to yourselves, plus the rates are usually fairly cheap at this time of the year! The moment we got to Saba Saba, my mind went on holiday mode; as soon as I caught a glimpse of the honeymoon suite, I kept wishing time would stand still so that I would get to savor that moment forever.


A few people were on holiday as well, my introverted tendencies and crowds don’t go hand in hand, but the beauty about the rooms at Saba Saba, they are very private, in that they don’t face each other as such giving you some sort of privacy.


The unique beauty about Saba Saba is that it has a nice cliff view of the ocean, as soon as we settled in and unpacked our bags; I went to enjoy the lovely view of the ocean. The view of the ocean is so breathtaking from this point, I spent hours on end everyday here just absorbing the wonderful scenery and the breeze.


The lovely sunrise each morning was worth waking up to, as was the sunset albeit not as perfect as I wanted it to be.



Apart from lazing around at the beach, I got to see the variety of rooms inside the place. My favorite room had to be the stone bed room; there’s something about the simple décor that got my attention.



The patio area besides the swimming pool had some amazing furniture that instantly brought out the laziness in me!
The bar area and the swimming pool was so warm and inviting, it was hard resisting going in for a dip; and the lovely hammock beside the pool was just the perfect way to catch up on a novel or listen to some quiet, relaxing music, while sipping on some pinacolada cocktails!


Just like any other resort, there are a few things the owners can work on to make this place a perfect getaway, but nonetheless it’s a place worth exploring and should be on your top places to stay in Watamu! Why not enjoy the lovely view, explore the beautiful rooms, take a siesta on the hammock and get to experience what Saba Saba has to offer this Easter holiday?


With affordable deals and packages, I’m sure you will get your money’s worth at Saba Saba Villas! For details and bookings, do check out their website

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