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Waves at the Beach

Ever wondered why many people travel far just to sit at the beach space out and lie there all day? There’s something about the beach, the waves, the white sand, the warm air, the water splashing on your feet, just seeing the vast expanse of water has a way of calming you. I call the beach God’s free medicine. It’s the one place where most of us tend to seek solace, to unwind after a rough day or to get over that one heartbreak. I’m fortunate enough to live in the Coastal city of Mombasa, where we have the beach at our disposal any time of the year. The warm, calm waters of the Indian Ocean are a sight to behold, especially early in the morning, when the air is still and the weather is just right, or late evening when the sun sets, and the breeze is blowing through your hair. Whatever tide you might be going through, be it high or low, the beach always has a way of making it all better. I prefer jogging at the beach early in the morning without distractions and crowds. Here are a few beaches along the North Coast that are ideal for a morning jog, some relaxation or just some meditation time:


People often fear jogging along in the beach in the morning for some reason, yet early morning is always the ideal time to explore the solitude that the beach has to offer. Nyali Beach is my ideal favorite spot to go for a jog since there are plenty of hotels along the shoreline and with the army barracks just a few spots away; it makes it an ideal spot to jog as early as 5:30 in the morning! The stretch is also very flat and ideal for a morning sprint or for morning workout exercises and ending it with a swim afterwards!


The thing I love about this beach is that the stretch is very long, making it ideal for an experienced runner to jog across since you will be able to cover more miles with ease! It’s not quite as active as Nyali Beach early morning apart from the fishermen coming back from the sea, hence one should always use caution while jogging very early in the morning.


The beach here is a bit windy, tends to be rocky sometimes along the beach, the stretch is quite long as well along the shoreline and it gets quite active in the morning, since young boys opt to play football at the beach in the morning especially during the school holidays.


From the amazing beaches in Watamu to the white sandy beaches in Diani, you are guaranteed to get
some inspiration from the ocean, the waves, the crash and the motions!!

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